Priročnik za poročanje o korporativnem upravljanju

Who’s Running the Company?



Priročnik je nastal v sodelovanju IFC GCGF in ICFJ kot pomoč pri poročanju novinarjem o korporativnem upravljanju in ozaveščanju o vplivu, ki ga le ta ima na družbe, delničarje in širšo javnost. Namenjen je izkušenim novinarjem in urednikom, da bi v svojih reportažah lažje preverjali in prepoznali dogodke, ki imajo lahko resne posledice tako za sam razvoj in obstoj družbe, kot tudi za delničarje ter ostale deležnike.

Priporočeno branje za delo nadzornih svetov v času koronavirusa

Objavljeno: 10.04.2020
Priporočeno branje za delo nadzornih svetov v času koronavirusa

Priporočeno branje za delo nadzornih svetov
v času koronavirusa

If companies are to survive the coronavirus, corporate boards need to exercise collaborative, proactive leadership. Businesses must constantly adapt to the fast-evolving situation and plan accordingly. Most of the crisis management will be carried out by executives, but since many decisions concern the very survival of companies, the board as a whole has to be involved in deliberations rapidly and intensively if non-executives are to have any meaningful role.


A guide to steering companies effectively through the crisis and beyond. What exactly do effective boards need to do to navigate the current crisis? My recent interviews with chairs and directors turned up seven questions that could serve as a guide.

First the virus, now the economic fallout—you need to launch your plan-ahead team.
And it isn’t just an economic shock: it is a shock to customer behaviors and business models too. The challenges associated with it will be orders of magnitude bigger than what we are used to dealing with. To handle them, you need to adopt an operating model that accommodates the extreme level of uncertainty facing your business.